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Our courses

Fundamentals in PowerPoint

Learn everything you need to know to PowerPoint. Make some sophisticated presentations

Advanced PowerPoint

Improve the quality of your presentations and dive deeper into PowerPoint’s advanced tools

Extreme PowerPoint

We designed this course take everything you’ve learn about PowerPoint to a whole new level

Corporate Training

Custom courses tailored to your brand. Improve presentations across your departments

More than just putting slides together

Courses designed for you to excel

Most of courses explain what tools do but not how to use the tools properly. How to plan a result and find a way to reach it. That how most of the presentations end up looking so bad. It’s all about the fine details that bring out the best designs and most engaging content.

Unparalleled support and guidance

Members-only communication channels are set for direct contact with our instructors. Shoot any questions or feedback, even share your work to be reviewed by our experts. Direct communications channels ensures your journey is comprehensive, leaving to stone unturnt

Limitless learning, limitless possibilities

Some examples of what you’ll be able to do

Advanced PowerPoint slides

Extreme animations

Crafting beautiful decks

Infographical slides

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