Advanced PowerPoint 

About this class

This course is designed to take everything you’ve learn about PowerPoint to a whole new level. We call it Extreme PowerPoint, because it doesn’t feel like just a presentation anymore.

 On completion of this course, you will be able to create extremly complex animations, extremly complex slides. You’ll learn how to create infographical videos using PowerPoint. Ever heard of wide-screen presentations? Dig deep into that and bring your game to the next level.

Welcome to the extreme side. We hope you’ll survive this.

Here is an example of what you will be able to do:

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On-demand  videos, that are easy to follow and understand.

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Extreme Knowledge

By the end of the course, You will be the master of PowerPoint, you will be untouchable. You will know every single little details. You’ll be able to work out any problem you may face and how to avoid any.

Deal with the content like a boss

One look at the content and you’ll know exactly what to do with it and how to turn things around.

Extreme Master Slides

Create pre-animated, pre-formatted master slides,  get to a point where all you do is insert content into your template and it still looks beyond anything your audience have seen.

Extreme animations

Use PowerPoint animation tools to create decks beyond PowerPoint, learn how to animate logos, maps, objects, infographics. Sky is the limit.

Media usage

Use all kinds of media, videos, audio files to create an immersive experience. Create animated background, effects, intros..etc

Extreme interactive presentations

Create Prezi-like presentation, or even app-like presentations. People will not believe you’ve used PowerPoint! 

Morph like a boss

Even though morph is just one transition, but you won’t believe what you can do with that little command. Map panning, professional transitions, object morphing. Learn how to combine all of this to your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start this course?

Previous experience of PowerPoint is required. Participants should be familiar with the features presented in our Advanced in PowerPoint Course. This course is designed for advanced PowerPoint users who want to take things to the next level and rock everyone’s socks out!

My company uses set templates. Will I still be able to get something out of this workshop?

Definitely, techniques on how to deal with the content and creating complex outcomes can be applied to any template. You’ll even learn how to completely redesign a template yet keeping the same branding.

Which version of Microsoft PowerPoint do I need to follow along?

You can follow along with any PC version of PowerPoint 2013 or later. Throughout the workshop, In this course the latest PowerPoint version is used, but any differences between the different versions are pointed out, so that you can follow along regardless of which version you are using on a PC. 


Videos are available 24/7, schedule your studies however suits you. The controls are very easy to use and the courses look great even using a phone

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The knowledge you get is the results of over 19 years of experience in design and presentation production.

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