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About this class

Having over 19 years of experience, our deep branding knowledge helps us to understand your brand.  This service has been designed to get the most our of your presentations and unify all departments outcome.

 On completion of this course, your employees will have a solid idea on how to use your brand, gone are the days where every person seems like coming from a different company. Customized courses will be created on how to fill the slides with content the right way. How to use your library of assets and how to create a professional looking presentation that you will be proud of.

100% Online 100% customized

On-demand  videos, that are easy to follow and understand.

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule. Every course will be customized to your needs adressing the issue that your organization is facing

Weekly Q&A Sessions

4 times a month we will have a Q&A session with your staff addressing their questions and guiding them through the courses. Making sure all of the information is being delivered seamlessly

Corporate accounts

Your organization will have access to customized courses that no one else can view. It’s yours. Forever.

Save time

By uplifting your staff’s presentation production knowledge. No more wasted time on figuring out how to beautify slides, no more redoing slides because they just don’t look the part.

Fundamental Knowledge

By the end of the course,  your employees will have a great idea on how to use PowerPoint helping them to encounter less errors.

Design principles

With your brand in mind, employees will learn general design principles. The dos and don’ts and how to keep a presentation tidy and neat

Media usage

Employees will learn how to download and use your assets, how to compress images and use them properly within the decks


Your staff will learn how to use sources from other softwares (like excel for example) the right way, how to embed data and extract content

Export & mobility

There are many ways you can export a presentation, your staff will learn the different ways to use a deck, whether its a PDF, handouts or even an automated slideshow. Also they will learn how lock and protect data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start this course?

First we discuss with you your goals and the issues that you are facing, this will help us creating lessons addressing those specific issues. Then we create your corporate accounts and give access to your employees.

My company uses set templates. Will I still be able to get something out of this workshop?

This is usually the main target, most of the organizations suffer from the template’s misuse. These courses will use your company’s template as a canvas to deliver all the required information

Which version of Microsoft PowerPoint do I need to follow along?

You can follow along with any PC version of PowerPoint 2013 or later. Throughout the workshop, In this course the latest PowerPoint version is used, but any differences between the different versions are pointed out, so that you can follow along regardless of which version you are using on a PC. 


Videos are available 24/7, schedule your studies however suits you. The controls are very easy to use and the courses look great even using a phone

100% Customized

Before the creation of the course we discuss your brand and the issues that your company is facing. WE MAKE SURE THAT EVERY PROBLEM IS ADDRESSED.

Premium Courses

The knowledge you get is the results of over 19 years of experience in design and presentation production.

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