Advanced PowerPoint 

About this class

This course is designed to provide with a further understanding of managing PowerPoint presentations. This course will benefit anyone wishing to enhance their basic presentations

 On completion of this course, you will be able to create complex and multi-layered animations, dive into interactive presentations, and Make Better Deck Decisions. Many great “dream” slides become re-haul “nightmares” when you have to update or rework them later… You’ll know  how to make better decisions about the presentations you build on the front end of your deck so that your slides are easy to update and manage when things change… as they always do. You will Demystify the Common Issues with Lines in Hierarchies and Flow Processes

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Advanced Knowledge

By the end of the course, You’ll have a library of tricks that will help you to go beyond PowerPoint traditional presentations. You’ll be able to make automated videos, interactive decks and even customized shows

Customized workspace

One size does not fit all, each user is comfortable with their own set of tools. Learn how to customize PowerPoint to work for you

Speed up the production

Learn the shortcuts, the tricks of creating expandable layouts. Save a lot of wasted time on updating and editing.

Advanced animations

Create super smooth customized transitions and animations. Create slides that brings the WOW effect to the table. 

Media Editing

Master your “insert media” techniques and learn how to edit everything within PowerPoint, whether it’s video, audio, images or even gifs!

Interactive presentations

Go beyond typical hyper linking, create prezi-like presentations or even app-like decks that work on any touch-enabled device.

Charts & Graphs

Learn how to control all elements. From the chart itself to the data series and how the data is presented, get your chart looking exactly as you would like it to, animate it the way you would like to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start this course?

Previous experience of PowerPoint is required. Participants should be familiar with the features presented in our Fundamentals in PowerPoint Course. This course is designed for experienced PowerPoint users who need to produce large or numerous presentations in an effective manner and want to add pizazz to their delivery.

What do I gain by the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Design professional presentations
  • Create and organize contents according to the objectives
  • Use graphical effects, animations and multimedia objects
  • Manage the publishing and the delivery of a presentation 
What does the course contain?
  • Understand the elements of a great presentation
  • Create well-designed slides that are simple and effective
  • Avoid the faff and quickly create new presentations that meet your design needs.
  • Create templates that make creation of your presentations easy
  • Create and adjust master slides to control the look of your presentation
  • In-depth knowledge of multi-layered animations and animation tools
  • Integrate advanced animations between the slides or on the slides them selves to help deliver the ideas in a more engaging manner
  • Understand where to find free or low-cost images and be able to manipulate them
  • Advanced hyperlinking to create interactive presentation
  • Insert and edit sound and video files into your presentation
  • Create a video using PowerPoint, based on a set of slides and a voiceover, which can then be distributed to others.
  • Advanced tips and tricks to fully be in-control of your presentation
  • Solving common problems, recovery files and digital signatures
My company uses set templates. Will I still be able to get something out of this workshop?

Definitely, you will learn how to save time using a template, manipulating the template to work for you adding tons of design touches that makes your presentation stand out. Get ready to hear applause very often!

Which version of Microsoft PowerPoint do I need to follow along?

You can follow along with any PC version of PowerPoint 2013 or later. Throughout the workshop, In this course the latest PowerPoint version is used, but any differences between the different versions are pointed out, so that you can follow along regardless of which version you are using on a PC. 


Videos are available 24/7, schedule your studies however suits you. The controls are very easy to use and the courses look great even using a phone

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The knowledge you get is the results of over 19 years of experience in design and presentation production.

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